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with watching American Idol Season 9 online many were excited many were upset,
A lot of people went crazy during the American Idol Season 9 here are some comments by the fans of American Idol Season 9

Picardy :
Simon needs to get five bodyguards, because Neil is going to be waiting for him at home in his closet. This was seriously frightening. Positive thinking is good on one hand, but not when it becomes arrogance. Having said that, by the time I am writing this, Neil probably already has his own reality show

utubesucks2009 :
I haven't really seen a lot of this season but I am surprise with Avril Levigne. She sounds kind of good in a few songs and used to be pretty but she doesn't have a real good voice or is that big a thing to treat people the way she did

SaraJacksonGorman :
You're kidding? I think If I ever got into an elevator with him I'd end up being the second wierdest person there. I think I love this guy. Now... if only he could get over his stage fright... (and get a towel to wipe his face...)

Manny Pacquaio Vs Joshua Clottey Live Stream Online :

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This is the video of the opening song seasons of love from the kick ass RENT movie,