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Shaina and Matteo for Single/Single

The last time we checked in on them, housemates Joee (Shaina Magdayao) and Joey (Matteo Guidicelli) had their first domestic squabble over house rules in the cable show Single/Single.

The two eventually settled their differences and achieved a temporary peace, realizing that they needed to live together for practicality’s sake.

But just when they think all is well, trouble gets stirred up again in this week’s episode when Tricci returns and throws another monkey wrench into Joee and Joey’s relationship, creating an awkward moment between the two of them.

Because come to think of it, when two people of the opposite sex live together—as in, share the same living space—can a romantic attachment be far behind?

That is the dilemma that Joee (Shaina Magdayao) and Joey (Matteo Guidicelli) suddenly find themselves facing in the fourth installment of the cable show ----- first mini-series in cable TV Single/Single this Saturday, September 19 at 8PM on Cinema One.

What did Tricci say to put Joey and Joee in an awkward situation?

Find out in this week’s episode of Single/Single as it presents its continuing series on the lives of millennials and the things and situations they have to cope with—some funny, some strange, but in a modern and contemporary setting where things may not always be what they seem and where you can always count on the unexpected happening.

Single/Single is Directed by Pepe Diokno and is aired every Saturday 8pm on Cinema One with replays on Sundays 10pm and Wednesdays 8pm.

Some scenes of the show were shot in Film Fest Cafe and Restaurant.

New episode of Modern Living TV

Exciting and delightful segments awaits viewers in this week’s episode of Modern Living TV (MLTV). Check these out!

In the DIY segment, Te Amo Floristeria, the premiere flower boutique in the Philippines gives us expert advice on how we can make chic and creative floral arrangements for our everyday decorating needs. 

MLTV’s very own Stephanie Zubiri show off her flower arranging skills with a few tips from Te Amo Floristeria owners Cybill Marie Juarez and Amy Peng.

The STYLE SPOTLIGHT segment tackles Craftsmith Living. Stephanie Zubiri visits this quaint and lovely little store in Makati to check out its well-curated collection of artisanal objects and furniture.

Interior Designer Mica Aquino shows us why space is not an issue when it comes to creating a luxury home that's also scores big when it comes to functionality. Find out how you can make the most of your small space with creative storage options and right furniture choices for a glamorous home.
Lastly, parenting is made easy and exciting for kids by MLTV.

Jumpstart your child's foray into the amazing world of science and technology with Engineering for Kid's alternative learning courses that can bring out the Einstein or Steve Jobs in your little tot.

Discover these yourselves this Saturday at MLTV, Sept. 19 on ANC Channel. MLTV is hosted by Bianca Gonzales and Stephanie Zubiri. The show airs Saturdays at 10 a.m. with replays the next day at 6 p.m. both on the ANC Channel.

Twice the fun on ‘Wheels TV’

Establishing itself as premiere guide to life in the fast lane seems not enough for “Wheels TV” as it delivers an episode this weekend that’s sure to up the ante in terms of fun.

Motoring journalist and show host Manny de los Reyes turns heads on the road as he drives by in Peugeot’s newest executive sedan model, the luxurious and sporty 508. 

When it comes to exterior lighting and visibility, comfort and convenience, in-car entertainment and communication, heating and ventilation, exterior features, and, of course, safety and security, nothing comes close to 508 that have become talk of the town for resetting the bar among SWs.

Another exciting segment in the show sees Ulysses Ang zooming from Roxas City all the way to Boracay on the all-new Hyundai Tucson. It’s one late summer getaway that couldn’t have been done in classier and more convenient style with the Tucson which redefines the Crossover Utility Vehicle and even got an award for it, namely “Highest Ranked Small SUV in Initial Quality.” Indeed, it can’t be beaten.

Kap Maceda-Aguila goes deeper into the world of customization with Tuned in Style. And do you want to know how Shell V-Power Nitro+ can give you a smoother, cleaner engine performance? It’s all on “Wheels TV.”

 “Wheels TV” airs every Saturday on ABS-CBN Sports + Action at 10:00 a.m.

Eat Bulaga: #AlDub Day 9 ♥dubstory

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[DANCE] Twerk It Like Miley By Ella Cruz

Ang sexy ! Ang Galing! She's gonna be the next Maja Salvador or Shaina Magdayao

Watch this collection of twerking videos.

Twerk It Like Miley Dance Cover by Ella Cruz
Choreographed by Macky Quiobe

instagram: @itsellacruz
twitter: @itsellacruz

Enrique, Maja dance to "Twerk It Like Miley" on ASAP

Enrique Gil and Maja Salvador teamed up as they perform "Twerk It Like Miley" on ASAP.

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Sexbomb NewGen- Twerk it Like Miley Dance Cover


People love to drive and go on road trips, no wonder many want to keep their cars in tiptop shape. A well-cared for vehicle means comfortable transit and reliable service. Beyond preserving exterior, it's about driver and passenger safety.

With this in mind, "Wheels TV" presents a special episode on caring for cars --- different kinds of them, in fact.

This Saturday, Ulysses Ang consults with the cleaning experts from Sonax on how to keep the car looking fresh, rain or shine. There’s also a segment on how Shell can remove gunk and corrosion in the car engine using the V-Power Nitro+disel.

Wheels TV team takes some of the hottest cars today on a road trip with host Matteo Guidicelli trying out the Suzuki Grand Vitara while the rest of the team take out the all-new Nissan NV350 to Batangas. There's also off-roading in Pampanga aboard the Isuzu D- Max so better not miss that.

All these only on "Wheels TV," your guide to life in the fast lane. The show airs Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. on ABS-CBN Sports + Channel.

DNA testing and road trippin’ on ‘Wheels TV’

Many people know the adage “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” But is that true even when it comes to rides?

Find out on “Wheels TV” Aug. 8 when the show gets behind two family crossovers to check out if they carry the same fun-to-drive DNA as their sports car siblings. It will be interesting learning the specs that make for a quality brand across models, and how it’s possible that when it comes to crossovers, different strokes for different folks could mean almost the same bottomline.

Heard of the turbo-charged Porsche Macan? How about the Mazda CX-5 Sport? This time, have deeper knowledge of what both babies can really do on the road with help from “Wheels TV’s” hosts Matteo Guidicelli and Ulysses Ang who will take these two sports cars for a test drive.

Being in transit automatically means taking a trip whether it’s short or long one. This week, Angel Rivero Angel goes off-roading and samples a new era in pickups, the 2015 Toyota Hilux. Kap Maceda Aguila, on the other hand, tours Intramuros using a Segway. Speeding past scenic spots equals simply swell.  

All these on “Wheels TV,” your guide to life in the fast lane every Saturday on ABS-CBN Sports + Action channel  at 10:00 a.m.

Last July 27, 2015 at Batasan Pambansa in Quezon City, the man of the hour, President Benigno Aquino III delivered his sixth and presumably his last state of the nation address (SONA).  

It was the longest SONA delivered by President Aquino in his entire term. The speech lasted for about an hour and fifteen minutes. He might have poured all of his conceited accomplishments, tirades and anguish in a form of a lengthy speech. 

While applauding his cabinet members for putting into action his promise of “Daang Matuwid” for the Filipinos, he unsurprisingly blamed the previous administration for the headaches that the country is experiencing today. 

Technical problems and extended mound of commuters lining up the MRT stations everyday are estimated to be 600,000 strong as they consider the MRT as their primary means of transportation. President Aquino insisted that the antecedent administration is the one to blame for the piteous condition of the MRT ( metro rail transit )today.

As expected, President Aquino defended his DOTC Secretary Joseph Abaya and claimed that the latter should not be blamed for all the MRT problems that are showing up at the moment. He stressed out that the MRTC knowingly forgot and left all of the the obligations behind to the Aquino administration. 

He said that the government is doing necessary actions to solve these problems. Such actions includes, the rehabilitation of MRT by purchasing railway lines which was previously disapproved by the MRTC.

“Ang  trabahong pribado, ipinasa saatin. Ang solusyon naman natin, hinarang nila”. President Aquino said.

MRTC denied this accusation later on and admitted that the main reason why the government rejected the proposed project was fund deficiency. They suggested that the budget should be increased in order to finally purchase the railway lines.

President Aquino stood firm by his indictment to pursue the buyout and the rehabilitation process of the MRT. He also mentioned that the DOTC (Department of Transportation and Communications) is working rigidly with the process to solve other problems of the MRT such as the signaling system, the defective trains and the failing railway lines.

The Aquino administration have done a pretty good job in governing the country but it is indeed inappropriate to point fingers to something or to somebody when in fact, they are the ones who actually contributed in making these problems even worse. 

They should instead stop whining and concentrate in coordinating and materializing all the possible improvements that they could possibly complete before our great President Benigno Aquino III’s term ends.

Watch out for the “face-off” of two automotive icons: the Mitsubishi Evolution X and the Subaru WRX ST in this Saturday’s  exciting episode of "Wheels TV " season 2.

See what makes the two tick and top of mind of car enthusiasts and owners as  racer turned actor and TV host Matteo Guidicelli drives around these two forever rival cars.

Streets flooded? Zero visibility? With the rainy season upon us, one can't find a more timely topic than how to properly drive during a heavy downpour.

Let segment host Ulysses Ang walk you through the do's and dont's. The tips could save you time, save you from further hassle, and maybe even save your life.

Then join respected motoring journalist Kap Maceda-Aguila and fitness coach Jim Saret as they take the Honda Mobilio for a spin.

Finally, discover how to remove gunk and corrosion in your engine with Shell's V-Power Nitro+gasoline. A must-watch, indeed, and one sure-shot solution!

All these and more only on "Wheels TV," your guide to life in the fast lane. The show airs on ABS-CBN Sports + Action channel every Saturday at 10 a.m.

There is this “sincere” open letter  made by the president and CEO of Bases Conversion Development Authority specially for the City Government of Baguio and for other parties concerned. After reading his open letter, I have figured out that most of his points are misleading and are pretty one-sided.

Arnel Casnova asserted the notion that he is a “friend”. But the way he is treating the Camp John Hay negotiations with harassments and bullying here and there, friendship can hardly be found. 

The moment Casanova inherited the BCDA throne, the City of Baguio received little to none of the payments and shares which they are supposed to get as compared to the P256 million that they have received before Casanova assumed the throne. 

BCDA’s previous officials were dignified enough to share BCDA’s revenue to the local government as stated by Condition number 10 of the 19 Conditionalities included in Resolution number 362. 

Unfortunately, our “friend” seems to be uneager to show even half of the dignity and decency that his BCDA predecessor have displayed before. Due to some unidentified reasons, BCDA was unable to remit the revenue coming from the lease rentals of Camp John Hay which is the city government are supposed to get a portion of.

Despite of CJHDevCo.’s willingness to share a table with BCDA officials to further ta9lk things out and to possibly settle the dispute, BCDA and John Hay Management Corp. (JHMC) refused to cooperate which resulted to an arbitration case with the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. After the arbitration has already came up with a decision, BCDA and company are still hesitant to comply with the new set of conditions much to the dismay of all the people rooting for a more diplomatic way or resolving the said dispute. The time which was spent arguing and attending court hearings are supposed to be used to plan new and innovative ways to generate more revenues and boost the tourism for the welfare of the City of Baguio. Camp John Hay is also supposed to be rehabilitated and fully developed by now but due to the drama that BCDA have created, the project was remorsefully left hanging. Also, many other projects were left hanging aside from Camp John Hay. Forest Hill Cabins, Scout Hill, Sneider Building, Eco Village Commercial Park, 2nd Phase of Camp John Hay Suites, Mile-Hi Town Center and the Cordillera Theme Park to name a few.

To make things even worse, they have also ruined the peaceful lives of the third party and lessees inside Camp John Hay, most of them are retirees seeking for a safe and harmonious place to stay for their remaining years of existence. All of that were deprived to them by the mighty BCDA.

Just recently, some of  the camp’s occupants have already lose their hopes and appeared to have finally let go of their priced investment inside the former American recreational area. An eviction order promulgated by the BCDA melted their chances of retaining their properties, not until a 60-day temporary restraining order (TRO) arrived. 

Included in the list of lessees who were ordered to vacate their properties are Joselito Cruz, the owner of a well known perfume brand, prominent business groups like Ayala Land Inc. and some other businessmen like Manuel Zamora who have filed a separate motion battling the expulsion notice. 

It's not only students who are thinking of turning over a new leaf as school starts. With this kind of energy in the air, many office workers renew resolve to move up and their inspiration usually manifests itself in organizing the work area.

In the June 13episode of "Modern Living TV," viewers get grand ideas in refurbishing the work environ. Show host Stephanie Zubiri visits the elegant office and workshop of jewelry designer Joyce Mikatalo for design inspirations on how to keep it stylish yet spic n' span.

Work place at home? Take it from stay-at-home mom, blogger and food entrepreneur Denise Rayala. Her segment clearly demonstrates how to meld work and home by keeping everything organized and inspiring.

A number of philosophies from the east suggest that the "energy" of a place based on it's set-up affects people's productivity and outlook. Whether that's true or not, "Modern Living TV" viewers will benefit from segment featuring guest design expert who can transform nondescript office cubicles into a thing of beauty and functionality.

As bonus, this week's episode takes a closer look at  SMDC BLUE's 41-storey Modern Tropical residential condominium development in Katipunan.

To see is to believe so don't miss it!

"Modern Living TV" is co-hosted by Bianca Gonzalez. It airs Saturdays at 6 p.m. with replays the next day at 10 a.m. both on the ANC Channel.

The see-saw skirmish between Arnel Paciano Casanova’s BCDA and CJHDevCo has been filled with drama at irregularities. Both of them are claiming that the court should favor them in their corresponding legal battles. The delayed court’s decision is not something that Casanova should actually be happy about. The lengthen verdict will just strengthen the allegations that he is doing some mystical operations to turn the events into their favor.

All of a sudden, his nonchalant façade has become tainted with insatiable motives. We all know how impressive his credentials are, coming from a poor family in Batangas, earning multiple educational degrees from the University of the Philippines and Harvard University in the United States, a sound lawyer, and a president of state-owned organization like the almighty BCDA.

One must strive hard, and dutifully chase after your dreams in able to achieve it. This may be one of the most motivating words that we have ever heard from our parents, friends and mentors. But sometimes, being too much of an achiever can turn you into a glutton starving for power, money and fame. That appears to be the case with Arnel Casanova. Although we haven’t seen him plead for forgiveness or show some guilt yet, the fact that he’s stepping over innocent people’s heads only shows us how desperate of a man he really is.

He has been considered as a corrupt official, a thief, a manipulator, a man vulnerable to receiving kickbacks while living a luxurious life. To make this long description short, he is nothing but a man with no conscience into the eyes of many people who succumbed dreadfully into his filthy hands.

Let us wait and see if justice will finally be served to those who rightfully deserve it or everything will just become a wasted effort. But no matter how many pages of tirades we make against Casanova, the sad fact remains: If you have money and power, you can do whatever you want no matter how evil it is. To make it worse, you can still come out and be considered as everyone’s savior and inspiration. 

All praises to Mr. Casanova for doing such a great job.