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Only few days left The 2010 MISS UNIVERSE competition will begin.
It's time to celebrate and determine the most beautiful woman in the world.
A few years before when Sushmita Sen won the miss Universe , she was asked " What is the essence of femininity?"
The world became proud of her because she did a great job.
So far 2010 Miss Universe judges already choosed the Top 15
 the Top 15 is consist of Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj, Miss Venezuela Marelisa Gibson, Miss Bolivia Claudia Arce Lemaitre, Miss Jamaica Yendi Philips, Miss Guatemala Jessica Scheel, Miss Thailand Fonthip Watcharatrakul, Miss Indonesia Qory Sandioriva, Miss Peru Guiliana Zevallos, Miss Mexico Jimena Navarette, Miss Colombia Natalia Navarro, Miss Russia Irina Antonenko, Miss Puerto Rico Mariana Paola Vicente, Miss Brazil Deborah Lyra, Miss Trinidad and Tobago LaToya Woods, and Miss Haiti Sarodj Bertin.

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

Esquire – In the original Wall Street, the part of Darien Taylor, Bud Fox’s (Charlie Sheen) girlfriend (and Gekko’s ex) “was not well developed.” Michael Douglas who plays Gekko in “Wall Street 1 and 2” would later say that Daryl Hannah’s casting caused problems. Hannah wasn’t happy playing the materialistic social climber, and director Oliver Stone’s tough approach to her performance upset her. While Douglas bagged an Oscar for his performance, Hannah won a Razzie for worst Supporting Actress. 

Fron Slashfood:

Photo: Food Network As The Next Food Network Star winds down its sixth season, we here at Slashfood are taking time to chat with the final. ... I don't like many of thewinners either. Gourmet next door was a COMPLETE flop. Big Daddy I can take it or leave it. Guy Fieri is ok but I went to his restaurant in Santa Rosa and the food sucked. So I hope they make the right choice this time. I think either Tom or Herb would be a good choice but Arti's Party - no thanks! ...

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Hilary Duff wedding pictures have finally been unveiled after some time. The people had been waiting for the pictures of her wedding to be released since she.

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Hilary Duff wedding pictures are desired, showing photos of a Vera Wang dress. The Hilary Duff wedding pics are hot, just as Chelsea Clinton and Alicia Keys were a few weeks ago.

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2010 PGA Championship: Bubba Watson Leads After First Playoff Hole. Aug 15 7:49p by Ryan Ballengee. With a birdie at the par 4 10th hole, Bubba Watson takes a one stroke lead over Martin Kaymer in the PGA Championship three hole playoff ...

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Watch WWE SummerSlam 2010 live stream online free sopcast channel: Do you want to watch WWE SummerSlam live stream video online for free?Searching for a good way to watch WWE SummerSlam 2010 online free live stream today?

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According to the wikipedia;

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Full Trailer is finally online! Check it out and make sure to Subscribe to our channel for all the latest Twilight News!

As a string of mysterious killings grips Seattle, Bella (Kristen Stewart), whose high school graduation is fast approaching, is forced to choose between her love for vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) and her friendship with werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner).

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE opens on June 30, 2010.

Provided by Summit Entertainment


Film & Animation

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is an upcoming romantic-vampire film scheduled for release on June 30, 2010. It is based on Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse and will be the third installment of The Twilight Saga film series, following 2008's Twilight and 2009's New Moon. Summit Entertainment greenlit the film in February 2009.Directed by David Slade, the film will star Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, reprising their roles as Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black, respectively. Melissa Rosenberg, who penned the scripts for both Twilight and New Moon, will be returning as screenwriter.
Filming began on August 17, 2009, at Vancouver Film Studios,and finished in late October, with post-production began early the following month. Because of scheduling conflicts, Bryce Dallas Howard was cast as Victoria, replacing Rachelle Lefevre who previously played her. It will be the first Twilight film to be released in IMAX.

American bassist and songwriter

Mexican banda singer

Sergio Vega desmintió una vez más que haya sufrido un atentado y manifestó que ha reforzado su seguridad a raíz de la ola de violencia que ha vivido este género musical.

"A mí me ha pasado muy seguido desde hace años, que pasa alguien, habla a la radio o a un periódico y se ha publicado en prensa que me mataron o sufrí un accidente y tengo que hablarle a mi mamá, esta malita del corazón y lo primero que hago es hablarle", externó.

Vega recordó que estuvo junto a K-Paz de la Sierra en la última actuación que dio el extinto Sergio Gómez en Michoacán.

"A mí me tocó estar con lo del baile de K-Paz en Michoacán, yo le entregue el escenario al tocayo Sergio, yo salí bien librado, hemos reforzado un poquito la seguridad y donde vamos nos ponen seguridad, pero cuando eso va a pasar, cuando la raya está pintada, la gente que traiga con uno se va a ir de todos modos", dijo.

Sergio Vega apuntó que si existe temor en el ambiente grupero.

"Claro que andamos con cierto temor todos los gruperos, toda la gente que navegamos en el norteño y musica de banda, y yo que navego temas muy fuertes como El papá del diablo, Las dos figuras grandes, muchos corridos, cualquier plaza nueva, sí siente uno y llega a pensar y tiene su temorcito y hay que encomendarse a Dios", puntualizó.


Shortening ‘fanticipation’ for the most awaited action-romantic movie of the year, the Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz film “Knight and Day” books to an earlier opening on June 24 (Thursday) in Philippine cinemas.

“Knight and Day” shoots into a series of high-octane events when June Havens (Diaz) accidentally bumps into Roy Miller (Cruise), a mysterious man who seems to have fallen out from the government’s secret service. Popping in and out of June’s life, Roy manages to pull June in a string of ballistic episodes that threaten their lives. Running away from every group who assures them of safety, Roy and June continue the globetrotting chase as they try to figure out the truth in order to survive.

The movie is directed by James Mangold (“3:10 to Yuma,” “Walk the Line”) from a screenplay he co-wrote with Scott Frank (“Minority Report,” “Out of Sight”). The film’s executive producers include blockbuster makers Joe Roth (“The Great Debaters”), E. Bennett Walsh (“Kill Bill”) and Arnon Milchan (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith”).

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Title: Toy Story 3
Release Date: 18 June 2010
Genre: Animation
Cast: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, John Ratzenberger, Joan Cusack, Michael Keaton
Director: Lee Unkrich
Writers: Michael Arndt
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures

Woody, Buzz, and the rest of their toy-box friends are dumped in a day-care center after their owner, Andy, departs for college.

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Christmas Party?
Press Conference?
What Else?

THE WEB MAGAZINE: Josiah’s Catering TastePro: "For more information please call 934-2163 / 941-7032 / 9425738 or visit"

One of the great TV personalities that I admire is Brad Pitt; I’ve been looking out and watching him for so many years already, even before she met Angelina Jolie. In fact I was the first to know him before  Angelina did. Actors like him is rare, he is a different kind of breed which you can seldom see. It just so happen that we are apart, he is in Hollywood while I’m here in the Philippines.

Here are the 10K Results of The Bottle School Run in order , name and time.

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THE WEB MAGAZINE: 10K Results of The Bottle School Run

If he's going to win, a lot of entertainment fans would have the chance to see him more often , as often as seeing Gerald Anderson and Ejay Falcon. He seems to be a profitable talent like the previous grand winners. So go for it guys, the chance to make him the grand winner is in our hands. Vote for Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner) as PBB Teen Clash 2010 grand winner. Text PBB IVAN to 2331 for globe and sun, to 231 for smart.

And do like Ivan Dorschner (Ivan Dorsner) on facebook.
Vote him as PBB Teen Clash 2010 grand winner.
PBB teen housemate Ivan

The stellar vocal cast reunites Hanks and Allen with Joan Cusack as Jessie, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, Wallace Shawn as Rex, John Ratzenberger as Hamm, and Estelle Harris as Mrs. Potato Head, while featuring the “Toy Story” debuts of Beatty, Keaton and Dalton, as well as Jeff Garlin, Bonnie Hunt and Whoopi Goldberg.

Opening soon across the Philippines in Digital 3D and regular format, “Toy Story 3” is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International.

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This June, Star Cinema proudly brings an event you never thought would happen. Jericho Rosales, KC Concepcion and Gabby Concepcion star in a story about forgiveness , acceptance and unconditional love. This June, in line with Father's day, Filipino families all over the world will be captivated by I'll be there, a film megged by no other than Maryo J. Delos Reyes. This movie will be truly remembered not just by fathers, but by families in general.

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After the long wait , finally we have a winner.

Lee DeWyze Wins American Idol Season 9
Trending around the world today is Lee DeWyze Wins American Idol Season 9.
This 2010 American Idol Season 9 Lee DeWyze Wins!

The question is what career awaits Lee DeWyze ? Will he achieve other American Idol winners level of success?

Watch How Lee DeWyze Wins American Idol Season 9

The Urban Side: stanley cup finals 2010 schedule

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Watch Stanley Cup Finals 2010 Schedule Live Stream Online:

What is Inevitable Video.
A few minutes ago Invetiable Video became a buzz over twitter and many people were asking what  Inevitable Video is all about.A lot of people are tweeting about this. Specially italians and spanish community. Some are tweeting about Simon Diaz Gorete.
Some are tweeting about AnahiMeHipnotizas.
To know more about this go to twitter and and check the trending worldwide.

Mayweather vs Mosley: Mayweather HBO Interview

Watch Mayweather/Mosley 24/7 Episode 1 - Part 1 also Watch Mayweather vs Mosley on HBO.
The original plan was Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.
The original chaos is Mayweather.
The original pinoy is Pacquiao. It was not a battle in the ring but it became a battle in the court. Because of the fierce, the two did not fight anymore. Who's fault? Find out and watch Mayweather vs Mosley .

This is 24/7 Mayweather vs Mosley - HBO Episode 1 Part 3.
Boxing Enthusiasts all over the world is already preparing for this exclusive fight. The long wait is near it is time to Watch Mayweather vs Mosley
According to mfeld418 @monutz4u "LMFAO at that man that shit kills everytime I hear it because Floyd finally elaborates 2 all these haters that say he does'nt fight for his legacy and just for money, but ya'll people gotta realize his legacy is already secured but will be even more when he whoops Mosley and then PacMan, I just wanna see him and PacMan go at it just settle the score so finally these people can shut the hell up."

Mayweather - Mosley 24/7 Episode 1 - Part 2
This fight is a dream come true. What's nice within this fight is there 's no Manny to watch out anymore. We always see him fight and wins a lot. Now is the time not to watch him but other boxers instead. Watch Mayweather - Mosley 24/7

Watch Mayweather vs Mosley - HBO Episode 1 
In order to anticipate tremendous fight of Mayweather vs Mosley. HBO Episode 1 is going to show some teaser. According to 55rollotomasi "First of all Mayweather isn't in his prime. Anyone that doesn't see that lacks knowledge of the finer details. Contrary to popular belief, he's actually no longer at his absolute peak. Watch his older fights and compare, then you'll be able to tell. Also, every since he moved up in weight, he's began being more defensive, a way of evolving or developing a more defensive defense since he's gone up in weight 5x now. " Watch Mayweather vs Mosley livestream now

with watching American Idol Season 9 online many were excited many were upset,
A lot of people went crazy during the American Idol Season 9 here are some comments by the fans of American Idol Season 9

Picardy :
Simon needs to get five bodyguards, because Neil is going to be waiting for him at home in his closet. This was seriously frightening. Positive thinking is good on one hand, but not when it becomes arrogance. Having said that, by the time I am writing this, Neil probably already has his own reality show

utubesucks2009 :
I haven't really seen a lot of this season but I am surprise with Avril Levigne. She sounds kind of good in a few songs and used to be pretty but she doesn't have a real good voice or is that big a thing to treat people the way she did

SaraJacksonGorman :
You're kidding? I think If I ever got into an elevator with him I'd end up being the second wierdest person there. I think I love this guy. Now... if only he could get over his stage fright... (and get a towel to wipe his face...)

Manny Pacquaio Vs Joshua Clottey Live Stream Online :

Watch Pacquaio vs Clottey Full Live Streaming Online [HD]

The link is seriously working. :D     

This is the video of the opening song seasons of love from the kick ass RENT movie,

Watch Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 12 now via live streaming! Watch this wonderful episode of the Big Bang Theory now! Watch it at the link below for you to enjoy!

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The Psychic Vortex: Leonard is aghast to find out a secret of Penny’s: she believes in psychics. Meanwhile, Sheldon tries to assist Koothrappali in picking up a girl at a university party.

Watch Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 12 free online at the URL below, just copy and paste the URL below to your address bar now:

Watch CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 12 free online now via live streaming! Watch this wonderful episode of the CSI Miami now! Watch it at the link below for you to enjoy!

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Show Stopper: A pop starlet bursts into flames during her concert thrusting the CSI’s to investigate the dark side of the pop star world.

Watch CSI Miami Season 8 Episode 12 free online at the URL below, just copy and paste the URL below to your address bar now:

Watch Castle Season 2 Episode 12 free online now via live streaming! Watch this wonderful episode of the Castle now! Watch it at the link below for you to enjoy!

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A Rose for Ever After: Castle and Beckett are called to a wedding to investigate the murder of a bridesmaid. Castle realizes that the wedding is from a former girlfriend Kyra. Everyone’s feelings are compromised, since Kyra has doubts about who she is marrying, Castle’s feelings may not be as objective in the case and Beckett picks up the connection between them, making her a little jealous and have poor judgment.

Watch Castle Season 2 Episode 12 free online at the URL below, just copy and paste the URL below to your address bar now:

American Idol Auditions 2009- Dallas, TX
Take a look inside American Idol season 9 (airing in 2010) auditions in Dallas, Texas at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium (in Arlington)...

AMERICAN IDOL: Season 9 Audition Songs
I'm auditioning for American Idol again this year. I tried last year for those of you who don't know. These are some songs I'm considering and I'd love y'all's opinions and/or suggestions. Thanks! ...

American Idol Auditions 2010
The Buzz: Will Simon Cowell leave Idol?

Watch Who will be the next American Idol 2010
Carrie Underwood "The Country Singer"
Who will be on the List of American Idol 2010 ?

UFC 104 RESULTS lyoto machida beats defeats shogun rua recap highlights wins loses.
watch ufc 104 replay video video here:

Watch City of Champions (2010 Preview Trailer)
A 2009/2010 preview trailer for the upcoming Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Steelers seasons

Watch the most awaited fight of the year. Rashad Evans Suga vs. Thiago Silva.

UFC 108 Evans vs Silva will definitely be a great match. It has been predicted that Rashad Evans will win in this match. He is a Former world champion and Ultimate Fighter® season ten coach.
Watch UFC 108 Rashad Evans Suga vs. Thiago Silva

The Football Association Challenge Cup, commonly known as the FA Cup, is a knockout cup competition in English football.Watch the video of Chelsea FC - Road To The FA Cup Final 2009 HD. Watch Chelsea vs Watford live

Catch Supermodelme on AXN. Every Sturday night at 10:30 pm

Watch American Idol Season 9 Online. The much awaited American Idol show will grace your 2010 this January. Watch out for the updates of the American Idol Season 9 here.This is the show where more people audition for, to show off the world what they`ve got. Check the latest updates on

Watch the latest movie of legendary sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson.

Starring Robert Downey Jr. and Directed by Guy Ritchie

Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is one of the most recognized fictional characters in the world.