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The see-saw skirmish between Arnel Paciano Casanova’s BCDA and CJHDevCo has been filled with drama at irregularities. Both of them are claiming that the court should favor them in their corresponding legal battles. The delayed court’s decision is not something that Casanova should actually be happy about. The lengthen verdict will just strengthen the allegations that he is doing some mystical operations to turn the events into their favor.

All of a sudden, his nonchalant façade has become tainted with insatiable motives. We all know how impressive his credentials are, coming from a poor family in Batangas, earning multiple educational degrees from the University of the Philippines and Harvard University in the United States, a sound lawyer, and a president of state-owned organization like the almighty BCDA.

One must strive hard, and dutifully chase after your dreams in able to achieve it. This may be one of the most motivating words that we have ever heard from our parents, friends and mentors. But sometimes, being too much of an achiever can turn you into a glutton starving for power, money and fame. That appears to be the case with Arnel Casanova. Although we haven’t seen him plead for forgiveness or show some guilt yet, the fact that he’s stepping over innocent people’s heads only shows us how desperate of a man he really is.

He has been considered as a corrupt official, a thief, a manipulator, a man vulnerable to receiving kickbacks while living a luxurious life. To make this long description short, he is nothing but a man with no conscience into the eyes of many people who succumbed dreadfully into his filthy hands.

Let us wait and see if justice will finally be served to those who rightfully deserve it or everything will just become a wasted effort. But no matter how many pages of tirades we make against Casanova, the sad fact remains: If you have money and power, you can do whatever you want no matter how evil it is. To make it worse, you can still come out and be considered as everyone’s savior and inspiration. 

All praises to Mr. Casanova for doing such a great job.