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While the investigation on Mamasapano massacre is on-going, let's take a look at the decision of the Arbitration Tribunal Regarding Camp John Hay.

On February 11 2015, the arbitral tribunal issued its Award in the arbitration between CJH Development Corporation (“CJHDevCo”) and the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (“BCDA”).


In 2014, the Pasay City Regional Trial Court has cleared Camp John Hay Development Corporation Chair and CEO Robert Sobrepeña of estafa case recorded by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The late issue developed a consequence on Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) blaming Robert Sobrepeña for fail to comply with his rental for quite a while inside the year 1998 - 2000 over a 1.5 Billion pesos of owed part.

After quite a while of holding up, this long legal battle between the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) against Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJH Dev Co) started to find answers.

To determine a disagreement about the case, Camp John Hay has requested Sobrepena to give back where its due U.S. military camp to the Philippine government.

Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) announced that the assertion board in a choice dated February 11, 2015 requested Sobrepena to abandon the previous army installation turned financial zone.

BCDA president and CEO Arnel Paciano D. Casanova might consider this as a triumph for government.

Because now it will be returned and it can be made for the profit of the public.

If the Battle Between BCDA and CJHDevCo is over, both parties must pay respect to Justice department.

Both must be willing to submit and abide the laws.

In honor to DOJ, BCDA was asked for to return to CJHDevCo generally Php1.42 Billion in rentals that it had paid to the BCDA.

While CJHDevCo was composed to purge the leased property and turn it over to BCDA.

Including all progressions that CJHDevCO had displayed in that amid the term of the lease.

Now that BCDA is moving ahead with CJHDEVCO's vision for Camp John Hay.

It can be the fundamental eco-tourism destination in North Luzon.

To continue the change of Camp John Hay with the preservation of the trees and the earth, now it must be a sign for a brand new start.

Both must cooperate in a peaceful transition.