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As of June, a year ago of 2014, the Pasay City Regional Trial Court has recently cleared Camp John Hay Development Corporation Chair and CEO Robert Sobrepeña of estafa case as was recorded by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The issue emerged as an after-effect of Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) accusingRobert Sobrepeñaof neglecting to conform to his rental instalments for a long time inside the year 1998 - 2000 adding up to 1.5 Billion pesos of owed instalment.

On 11 February 2015, the arbitral tribunal issued its award in the mediation between CJH Development Corporation ("CJHDevCo") and theBases Conversion and Development Authority ("BCDA").

However, is the Legal Battle Between BCDA and CJHDevCo over?

In the award, BCDA was requested to come back to CJHDevCo roughly Php1.42 Billion in rentals that it had paid to the BCDA.

In turn, CJHDevCo was coordinated to empty the Leased Property and turn it over to BCDA with all changes that CJHDevCO had presented in that during the term of the lease.

BCDA was discovered to be in break and CJHDevCo was cleared of obligation for the gathered Php3.3 Billion in back rentals that theBCDA had guaranteed against CJHDevCo.

The BCDA must acknowledge the determination and go ahead to execute this with consideration.

Same with CJHDevCo, acknowledgement and make the environment to BCDA group. More works ought to be united by the two gatherings for simple underwriting for inventories and the stakeholders.

As indicated by Sobrepeña, CJHDevCo's operations were antagonistically influenced in 1998 which results to misfortunes of around 1.445 Billion pesos which kept on expanding on a day by day basis. Due to this reason, the understanding was rebuilt in the year 2000.

Notwithstanding, CJHDevCo likewise uncovered that inside the years 1998, 1999, and 2000, the organization pronounced profits which adds up to 928 millions.

The past record for this case had never been similarly heard which thusly gave negative angles for both sides.

With BCDA proceeding with CJHDEVCO's vision for Camp John Hay to be the main eco-tourism destination in North Luzon and proceed with the improvement of the Camp with the assurance of the trees and the earth as a top priority.

In coordination of both sides, the stakeholders inside the camp and the administration of Baguio, this can begin a fresh state.